ETHICA Q3 2018 Results

Ethica Consulting Group in the first nine months of the year exceed 50 Million Euros as aggregated turnover of ICM.S, Altevie, Espedia and Concert revenues and expects to overcome 70 Millions in the year, while other 10 Millions will come from the participated companies Datalab, Regesta and EKR.

“These results are sligtly above the previous year with profitability in slight decrease, and it confirms that 2018 is a year of stabilization, of investment and of transformation of our Companies to prepare a new development phase, in line with the new paradigms of Cloud and of enterprise digitalization” the President comments.

“Since September we have being pushing the initiatives of recruinting and of training of new resources to face the growth which in 2019 will be for sure of two digits bringing the staff to 700 units distributed in the different offices of the group, last but not least Cosenza, next opening to meet our needs. We wish that our Companies, which lead Italian market both in SAP and in Microsoft platform differentiating for quality and ethics, can offer to the best talents the ideal environment to disclosure their capacities and to grow contributing with their effort and creativity. This is more valid today, when ICT Innovation got a strategic role in Digital Transformation, having ETHICA Group as a protagonist in first line.”

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