ETHICA 2019 YTD Results

At the end of July the revenues of the controlled companies ICM.S, Altevie, Espedia and Concert were over 43 Million Euro with a growth of more than 7% compared to 2018 and with visibility of 75 Million Euro of revenues in the year as planned.

L’area SAP Area had a significant increase in all business lines while Microsoft Area is following the the consolidation and developmen plant, with the confirmation for both Areas of our value and of our leadership which are wellknown in the market.

In 2020 we forecast a further growth, relying on our excellent resources, on our important installed base and on our strong capacity and will to invest.

Our growth will be pursued internally but also through the collaboration with operators able to appreciate our competences and to involve us in larger and larger companies and engagements. Profitability of operations will be supported by a stronger internal sinergy and integration both in SAP and in SAP e Area MicrosoftArea, while investments will be addressed to human resources and know-how in order to adopt and to transfer to the market the new Cloud and Digital technologies and solutions.

These initiatives will guarantee the best support to our Clients and will give concrete opportunities to our collaborators to evolve their competences and experiences.

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