People of Ethica 2022 Calendar

Magical, fragile, ephemeral and iridescent, bubbles create reflections of light that make you see unexpected details.

Looking beyond to see the value hidden in each person, and it is precisely this that the bubbles highlight: the diversity that enriches everyone's experience, openness to change, collaboration, trust, being a team and looking to the future.

The protagonists of the shots of the calendar 2022 are the people of Ethica Consulting Group, who in the words of one of its founders are and will be the enablers of the success of our clients "Nothing would have been possible without the trust and talent of our employees. My deepest feelings are addressed to you, with the certainty that your skills, your enthusiasm and your values will also enrich the integration with Accenture".

Our thanks go to all of Ethica's talents who face change every day together with our clients. And to Daniele, Elena, Fabrizio, Marco, Giulia, Jenny, Diego, Francesco, Daniela, Alessandro, Alba, Cristina, Anna, Valeria, Maria Antonietta, Meri, Claudio, Rosanna, Sara, Maria Teresa and Stefania for having been able to interpret in these shots the values that today, also thanks to Accenture, we express with even greater awareness.   

Photo: Luca Basso

Concept: Daniela Colombo, Paola Labriola

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