The best supply chain starts with product design

Manufacturing companies that want a smart, resilient and sustainable supply chain must learn to cross the traditional boundaries between research and development, production, logistics and operations.

This is a crucial step in synchronising the demand chain with the supply chain..

On 29 April at 11:00 a.m., we will talk about Product Design, on the occasion of the first Digital Dialogue of the #MADEpossible initiative, organised by SAP and MADE, the Competence Center led by the Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with Espedia and ICM.S, SAP Platinum Partner and Ethica Consulting Company.

Accompanying us will be Annamaria Croci, CIO of BLM Group, an Italian company that has embarked on a path of innovation by introducing connected and integrated cutting-edge solutions and technologies into the company, with the aim of tackling a dynamic global market with increasingly innovative ideas and products.

 “The evolution of technology pushes industrial companies to change not only the way they produce, but also the way they conceive and design their products and services,”comments Croci.

“The best Supply Chain comes from Intelligent Design” is the first in a series of five thematic digital workshops and technical webinars for the various company areas involved in the development, planning, production, maintenance and logistics processes. The cycle will continue until October 2021.

The #MADEpossible initiative will also address the issues that matter to entrepreneurs, R&D and operations managers, production managers and industry professionals.

It will be an opportunity for companies, academics and trade associations to discuss the directions to take in the sustainable digitisation of the factory and supply chain.

Demos, showcases and simulations of specific processes will also be shown through vertical demonstrations with the help of experts from the MADE competence center and SAP experts.

See you there!


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