ICM.S is 20 years old

Villorba (Treviso), Summer 1997: Cheers!  by Ilio Sanguin, Massimo De Nardo, Alexander Hein and Riccardo D’Avella to celebrate the foundation of ICM.S S.r.l.

With these words Ilio Sanguin, President of Ethica Consulting Group, tells the story of the first 20 years of ICM.S:

“ICM.S  was born in 1997 in Treviso, North-East of Italy, with the mission of implementing  SAP R/3 in the small and medium enterprises, very relevant in this area. With the new ERP suite based on the client/server technology, SAP was going to approach this market with a new indirect channel represented by qualified partners able to resell R/3 licenses and to provide reliable professional services.

ICM.S was one of the first SAP VARs (Value Added Reseller) and this was possible thanks to the valuable contribution of its founders:

  • ICM Italia SPA based in Milano (represented by Alexander Hein), subsidiary of ICM GMBH (represented by Massimo De Nardo), a leading group of Munich (Germany) already wellknown in the SAP market of large international companies.
  • SMC SRL based in Treviso (represented by Riccardo D’Avella), one of the leading software houses in Italy, with a strong presence in the territory and a with strong application culture.
  • Ilio Sanguinfrom Treviso, an engineer with more than 20 years of experience in ERP projects and professional services built in management positions in Hewlett-Packard and in Digital Equipment.

After initial difficulties approaching the SME market, SAP R/3 grew fast thanks to the contribution of competence and pragmatism of ICM.S,  which was proposing low-cost preconfigured models of the R/3 processes and which was creating succesfull references, facts quite new in the ERP market of those times.  Also  Altevie, dedicated to IT technology and to sw development, and Espedia, dedicated to engineering and product life cycle, could grow fast next to ICM.S, to move then out of the ICM.S captive market.”

“SMC left early ICM.S giving shares and control to ICM, and the cooperation with this group was very good up to year 2003 when, becouse of financial difficulties of the holding,  Ilio Sanguin, Diego Bandolin and Alessandro Brunello founded ETHICA Consulting e bought the shares from the Germans.

A fantastic phase of independent strategy, investments and growth then started and new entrapreneural initiatives  were built,  our companies dedicated to SAP exploded and a second IT business area was created around the Microsoft platform.

ICM.S was already a leading Gold Partner in Italian SAP market while celebrating its first 15 years of success and ICM.S had already been a founding member of United-VARs LLP, the world wide network of leading VARs of main contries.

Under the guide and the management of Diego Bandolin, Alessandro Brunello, Giorgio Di Lorenzo and Mattia Sanguin, this leadership grew more and more in the last five years in which ICM.S has always been the front row in adopting the new SAP technologies and solutions, reaching in 2017 an headcount of 200 employees and a turnover of 40 Million Euros.

In October 21st ICM.S formally celebrates the twenty years of activity and of growth with all its people and Partners and in this site ICM.S launches, together with Ethica group, the challange for a further important jump.”

 “Without that virtuous combination of strenghts and of intents in the summer of 1997, ICM.S could not be born;  without the professionalism and the total dedication  of all of us, ICM.S could not grow; without the trust of SAP and the strong, constant and innovative contribution of the young generations ICM.S could not look confidently into the future.

Thanks to the hard work of 20 years, today we are in the hearth of innovation and of growth, we have a strong installed base and a unique heritage of experiences and of competences,  so  we can set important objectives as a company and as a group. The value of our own way of making business, the value of our skills and capacities, the value of our persons  will make the difference also in the future.

My deep thanks for these results and my wishies of new great success to Diego, Alessandro, Giorgio, Mattia, to the new management team and to all the extraordinary people of ICM.S, a company  which is and will be the real locomotive of Ethica Group and of SAP business.” 





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