ICM.S, Altevie Technologies and Espedia confirm the certification of “SAP Partner Center of Expertise”

Also this year the Support Team of the Ethica Consulting Group, managed by ICM.S, has successfully passed the periodic audit managed by SAP, the audit which is required to confirm the certification of PCOE (Partner Center of Expertise), valid until May 31st 2022.

This important certification enable the companies of the ETHICA Group focused on SAP (ICM.S, Altevie Technologies and Espedia), to be confirmed as a reference Partner in the reselling of SAP licenses, subscriptions and maintenance services.

The certification is issued by SAP only after verification of the Partner's capability to provide to Customers support services of Level I° and Level II° with high quality standards and in compliance with infrastructure requirements, monitored by SAP auditors.

The very hard certification process has the objective to check the compliance to SAP standards in terms of:

•  proper training and high Competence of the Support Team members on SAP products;
•  infrastructure of the Support Center in terms of Support Desk environment and applications, test systems, remote connectivity, etc.);
•  operating processes of the Support Center, in particular about management of Client requests, work-around, bugs fixing, escalation process;
•  regular adoption and use of reporting tools for the main KPIs related to the monitoring and the improvement of quality and related to the effectiveness of the delivered services.

The verification of Partners compliance to get the certification through the periodic audit process guarantees the Clients the high quality of the support services expected by PCOE Partners.

Forty Ethica certified Support Consultants manage and provide daily and H-24 services for SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Standard Support, Application Management Services (AMS), Systems Monitoring and Management Services to more than 300 Italian and International Clients.

These numbers confirm the importance of ICM.S and of Ethica Group in the SAP market.

Congratulations and thanks to all the colleagues who collaborated to achieve this very important result and to SAP for the opportunity to be an important Technology and Application Partner for all Customers, proving once again to be an excellent team.

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