ICM.S and Altevie awarded for sales performance in S4HANA and HCP ETHICA Group is more than satisfied for the results achieved in SAP market in 2016: 60 MEuro of Revenues through its companies ICM.S, Altevie, Espedia, Diligent and Datalab, growing 10% on 2015, but also for the national and international awards for the success got in the adoption of new products by the market.

ICM.S indeed was awarded by SAP EMEA and by SAP Italia as the best partner in EMEA (Europa, Middle East & Africa) and in Italy for the results in selling the new ERP suite S4HANA, both in terms of adoption by new clients and in terms of migration of the customer base (see the specific News). Altevie was then awarded by SAP as the best partner in SAP Cloud Platform 2016, the new advanced platform for sw development and integration. (see the specific News).

"Our high appreciation for this great performance and a very special praise to the board and to the sales teams of ICM.S and Altevie who could rightly qualify the new SAP solutions and could transform it in value for our clients".


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