“Smart Warehouse in Logistics ” ICM.S Event

Thursday, April 6, in Mantua, took place our event, in Thun Logistics, in the presence of a large number of customers and prospects interested in EWM solution for warehouse management.

A real opportunity that allowed the participants to learn how  Thun Logistics, thanks to the experience of ICM.S and SAP solutions, is now able to optimize processes and to make its warehouse a real driver of innovation, by visiting also the Operations Center and assisting to the management and execution of internal processes.

A great success for number of participants and for their interest that, once again, reward our team working hard to ensure competence, technological "know-how" and constant customer support.

Our special thanks to THUN Logistics, that hosted us, to Alessio Longhini  its Managing Director and to SAP for supporting us in all our adventures, helping us to "sail"  with the  “wind in its sails”

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