ETHICA Consulting S.p.A.

During 2017 Ethica Consulting completed several corporate operations to simplify, compact and stregthen the configuration of the group and to start a new development phase in the ICT and Digital Transformation markets.

In particular the following operations have been completed:

  • The merger by incorporation of Diligent S.r.l. in ICM.S S.r.l. simplifying the intercompany processes but maintaining the same focus and the same competences in Chemicals and Pharma market,  thanks to a dedicated new business unit;
  • The acquisition by Ethica Consulting of the shares of minority shareholders, no longer involved in the management of Espedia S.r.l. and Altevie Technologies S.r.l.;
  • The sale by Ethica Consulting of its interest in Altitudo S.r.l. and the concentration in Concert S.r.l.  of all activities related to Microsoft Products;
  • The increase in capital for ICM.S, Altevie and Ethica and the transformation of Ethica Consulting from S.r.l. (limited liability company) to S.p.A. (stock corporation).

Managers and Professionals who distinguished themselves for skills, dedication and results have been involved in the Board of Directors of severalsubsidiaries, according to a process of delegations the group started in order to facilitate the renovation which is fundamental to maintain the leadership in the market.

Thanks to the commitment and the dedication of people who share Ethica values, a competitor's unfair competition against one of the subsidiaties was successfully repelled, while the Court granted our request of temporary injunction against the tortfeasor.

The good results achieved by Ethica group in 2017 and the confirmation of its excellence both in SAP and in Microsoft markets are the proof of its strength and support our commitment to grow in Italy and in the world.

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