Espedia Summer Meeting 2017

On July 21st, the Managing Directors and all Espedia staff, met at the Tenuta Serego Alighieri, a wonderful location in Sant'Ambrogio - Valpolicella, for the Summer Meeting 2017.

A strongly renewed team shared the great results of 2016 (+ 16% in Revenues) and the confirmation of the growth trend in professional services in the first half of 2017, expansion driven by Espedia’s success in SAP solutions in Industry 4.0.

"Espedia has, and will play, a key role in the ETHICA Group's strategy, which aims at being leader in various innovation market fields and harvest the best talents in the Company to help companies in digital product and production transformation, committing them to a more concrete intelligent factory model", commented the Managing Directors during their works that ranged from the evolution of computer technology to Machine Learning, the evolution of the SAP product portfolio, the business model and the ETHICA Group's investments in R&D.

Successful achievements and market recognition from important customers demonstrated that such scenarios are possible, rich of satisfactions and important professional career drivers.

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