Altevie ORANGE Summer Party 2017

On the warm and starry night of July 22nd, the management, staff, partners, customers and friends of Altevie, gathered at Ostia’s beach to share together at the seaside, the Summer Meeting 2017.

It was a cheerful and informal event, in line with the location and the best tradition of “Altevie Rome”, which for years has been planning with care of the details an awaited and appreciated evening.

The relaxed atmosphere of the party has certainly given a break from the previous months concerns and worries. Such cheerful happening represented a turning point for Altevie’s development which is totally focused on new market opportunities, a new organization and new leaders who want Altevie to be great.

"Altevie is a key actor in Ethica Group's strategy, as its aims to be market leader on specific business lines and is appreciated by large companies, either as a stand-alone player or alongside great System Integrators”, said Alessandro Brunello, new President of the Company.

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